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We are a group of healthcare professionals dedicated to helping reinstate our lives after the COVID-19 pandemic. Reinstate Life is a brand name of Apostle Diagnostics.   We are a CLIA Certified and California State licensed Clinical Laboratory located in San Jose, California.  Since November 2020,  we have serviced over 50,000 clients for COVID-19 tests from all over the country.  Apostle Diagnostics is member of California Coronavirus Testing Task Force. 

Our lab is co-directed by Wenqi Zeng, MD, PhD, FACMG and Charles Strom, MD, PhD, FAAP, FACMG, HCLD.  Our lab personnel are professionally trained specialists in the field of life sciences and clinical diagnostics. The Amperial® COVID-19 Assay is now available exclusively through Apostle Laboratories as a CLIA Certified Laboratory Developed Test. This assay measures your IgG antibody levels to COVID-19 without the need for blood collection. This revolutionary technology developed at research laboratories at UCLA allows measurement of COVID-19 antibodies in saliva using a simple collection brush you place in your mouth for 2 minutes. The report will contain the absolute level of antibodies present and show how your level compares with that of vaccinated individuals in the population. 


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